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General Walter Martin Mansion

Stow Square Monument

We have a wide variety of resources for your family research needs. Genealogy research requests can be made with Lewis County Historical Society.

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About Us

Lewis County Historical Society is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the past and present cultural, ethnic, religious, educational and industrial history of Lewis County. Members of the Society enjoy various benefits:  copies of its various publications, discounts on event admissions and gift shop items, and invitations to meetings.

Both the Lewis County Historical Society and the Lewis County Research Center are now open Tuesday through Thursday 10-4.  The research center is open these times as well. Those requiring a visit to the Research Center on the weekend please contact Jerry Perrin at 942-4891 and he will try to accommodate your request.

We welcome additions to our collection throughout the year. Think about leaving a legacy to your community by donating artifacts you may have in your possession to further enhance the holdings of the Society for the enjoyment of future generations. In addition, financial bequests and monetary donations in various denominations are made throughout the year to funds that have been established by the Society or can be established in your name or that of a loved one. Please think about supporting the arts and humanities by becoming a member of your local historical society!


Jonathan Miller, President
Marian Opela, Vice President
Sharon Sears, Treasurer
Susan Merrell, Secretary 


Hamish Davey
Catherine Gunn
Linda Hornig
Mary Kelley
Susan Merrell
Jonathan Miller
Lydia Miller
Cole Mullin
Marian Opela
Jerry Perin
Sandra Roberts
Ron Rockwood
Dr. Daniel Root
Sharon Sears
Thomas Spaulding
Carmen Sweet
Sheree Vora

Office Manager/Curator:
Jerry Perrin





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