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Stow Square Monument

The Stow Square obelisk stood undisturbed in a farmer’s field for 113 years. Then the property upon which it stood was sold and the purchaser, without any regard for history and armed with superstition and ignorance, wantonly destroyed it.

The monument was erected in 1899 and marked the site of the Presbyterian Church at Stowe’s Square, one of the first churches to be established north of Utica in the very early days of the county in one of its first settlements at that time. The monument also paid homage to Daniel Nash who was a pastor at that church and went on to join Charles Finney in his travels as part of “The Second Great Awakening”. (This was a time in the history of New York State when a fervent righteous feeling swept the State resulting in the rise of abolitionism, temperance, and the establishment of such religious groups as the Mormons, The Oneida Community, and the Shakers.) The monument had been a destination for class groups and people who were interested in the early history of our area and it was the only physical evidence left of a once thriving community at that place. With its demise we have lost what we feel to be a very important link with our past.

We would like to erect a new monument (a five foot granite obelisk on a three foot two part base) as identical to the original as we can make it. We have secured a small piece of property, which will have a “forever” clause in its deed in the form of an easement upon which it can be erected. This piece of property is as close as we can possibly get to within a few hundred feet of where the monument originally stood. Total cost for a new monument is $8,600.00 including footers and base. Attorney fees and the property have been donated.

Replacing the monument will not entirely heal the hurt that this “community” (all those who cherished the original) suffered when the original was destroyed, but it will serve to once again mark the site of this place which was a pioneer village of early Lewis County and pay homage to Daniel Nash thereby once again linking Lewis County to “The Second Great Awaking”.  And as such will once again be a destination for those interested in Lewis County and New York State history.

To date we have raised $1055.   Any contribution that you can make to help us raise the remaining $7,545 would be very much appreciated.


Update:  Spring 2016 Dedication

Erection of the New Stows Square Monument



            In the late afternoon of Monday December 28, A.Cozzi and Co. arrived at the piece of land set aside on Steve and Marcia Nortz’s farm on Route 26. Their purpose was to erect the new Stows Square Monument.  After four years of grant writing, and money raising the monument became a reality.  In the waning light of that midwinter day they finished their work. The monument is engraved to say in part: “new monument erected in 2015, and with four days remaining in the year it became a reality. Within a few days the first major snow fell which would have made this erection much more difficult.

            It is indeed good to have the monument back to mark the place of this first settlement in Lewis County as well as the church that was a center of life for the people of that time. A dedication will be held in the spring. All those who made donations will be especially invited.




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